Coconut Oil PLR Package

Use This Evergreen Content to Become a Credible Resource in the Natural Health Industry
Receive High-Quality Coconut Oil Content + Graphics.

Niche Areas For Coconut Oil

  • Beauty – Skin, Hair, Teeth, Nails, Anti-Aging
  • Health – First Aid, Burns, Scrapes and Scratches, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, General Health
  • Food and Cooking – Frying, Cooking, Baking
  • Home – ​Deodorizer, Cleaning, Scrubbing, Pet Stains, Bug Repellent

Summary of the Coconut Oil Package

The Coconut Oil PLR package provides everything you need to for this natural health micro-niche. You will get the following content:

  • 20 Articles About Coconut Oil
  • 20 Social Media Graphics to Complement the Articles
  • 5 Product Reviews

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Natural Health PLR Package

Get Pre-Written Quality Content All About Natural and Holistic Health.

Summary of What is Included

This PLR package includes 3 reports from my PLR store, as well as a big PLR bundle. Here are the topics you will get:

  • Healing Herbal Tea – 5-Page Report w/report cover
  • Heartburn Remedies – 5-Page Report w/report cover
  • Lemon Water Benefits – 7-Page Report w/report cover
  • Stress Relief Bundle – 15 Articles, 5-Page Report, 15 Images, 15 Tweets, 15 Facebook Posts

Don’t Miss the One Time Offer

After you purchase the Natural Health PLR Package, you will get the option to purchase more natural health content from my store at a big discount. It includes 5 PLR packs of articles, plus another big bundle with 25 pages of content, social media, and images. This is a total of 60 pages for just $19.95. The topics include:

  • Natural Menopause Remedies – 10 Articles
  • Self Care For Stress – 10 Articles
  • Herbal Gardening – 10 Articles
  • Noni Juice – 5 Articles
  • Reiki Healing – 10 Articles
  • Depression PLR Bundle – 15 Articles, 5-Page Report, Social Media, Images

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Superfoods for Health PLR

Get ahead of the Competitin with this brand new Superfoods PLR content. Receive 5 PLR reports to use for multiple promotional opportunities.

Summary of the Superfoods PLR Content

This Superfoods PLR Package comes with (5) 5-page reports, each covering a different benefit of superfoods. Here are the reports you will get:

  • Report #1: Superfoods For Adults & Children
  • Report #2: Superfoods For Weight Loss
  • Report #3: Superfoods For Beauty
  • Report #4: Superfoods For Diabetes
  • Report #5: Superfoods For Mental Health

Don’t Miss the One Time Offer

After you purchase this main Superfoods For Health PLR offer, you will then be offered the opportunity to get 50 more pages of Superfoods content. It includes the following:

  • 20 Articles About Superfoods For Health
  • 5 Product Reviews
  • Report #1: Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Report #2: Brain Health
  • Report #3: Joints and Bones
  • Report #4: Crohn’s Disease
  • Report #5: Pets

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Fun Fitness PLR Special

Add fitness content that is FUN and unconventional to stand out and be an expert in the health niche.

What You Get With This PLR Package

The Fun Fitness PLR package is all about unconventional, fun, and unique forms of fitness. You will get 20 NEW articles about:

  • Kayaking
  • Hula Hoops
  • Trampolines
  • Pole Dancing
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Jump Ropes
  • … and more!

Don’t Miss the One Time Offer

After you purchase the Fun Fitness PLR Special, you will get the opportunity to add even more content about fun fitness. It includes:

  • PLR Report #1: No-Equipment Workouts – 5 Pages w/Report Cover
  • PLR Report #2: Aerial Yoga 101 – 5 Pages w/Report Cover
  • PLR Report #3: Fun Water Workouts – 5 Pages w/Report Cover
  • PLR Report #4: Outdoor Exercising With Kayaking – 5 Pages w/Report Cover
  • 5 Articles About Bosu Balls and Mini Trampolines

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