The Secrets of Propolis

Propolis comes from bees and you can

  • take it internally as a drink
  • use it as an antiseptic for cuts and your injuries will heal faster
  • in cosmetics it helps you look younger by helping aged and dry skin

Propolis has been around for 5,000 years but only rediscovered in the mid 18th Century in Germany for its health benefits.

Propolis Personal Care Products

Our Propolis Products available on our online Shopping Cart include –

  • Propolis Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Propolis Shower Gel
  • Propolis Body Lotion
  • Propolis Facial Scrub
  • Propolis Facial Cleanser
  • Propolis Make Up Remover
  • Propolis Clay Mask
  • Propolis Facial Toner
  • Propolis Pimple Cream
  • Propolis Nappy Cream

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We hope that you will find success in the use of Propolis for your continued health.

Internal Benefits of Propolis Drinks

  • helps sore throats
  • mouth ulcers
  • temporary relief of toothaches
  • prevention of flu’s and colds
  • can reduce bad cancer cells

The Healing Properties of Bee Pollen

Research shows it has these properties –

  • Antiseptic
  • Antibiotic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral


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